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Don’t Clog The Blog

I received a copy of a new e-book by author Sadie Lankford entitled Don’t Clog The Blog: The Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging.  This e-book is basically a list of important things that every first time blogger (and even us more experienced bloggers) should know.  The information presented in this e-book is based upon Sadie’s personal blogging experience.  She has been blogging since 2001 and has learned the ins and outs of the blogging world.  Most of these helpful tips are based on questions that Sadie had when she started blogging.

The first section of the e-book is the Do’s section.  One of the tips that I found most helpful is “Make it Easy to Share Your Posts.”  When I first started my blogs I didn’t belong to any social media sites and I didn’t really share my posts at all.  I didn’t realize that it was much harder to get your posts recognized without social media interaction.

The second section of the e-book is the Don’ts section.  I love the tip “Don’t Spend All Day Online!”  How true.  Blogging is so addictive and if you are a perfectionist, you will be tempted to constantly tweak your blog.  Setting a schedule that includes family, exercise, hobby, reading, house cleaning, etc., will make your life more enjoyable and less stressful.

In the last section of the e-book, Sadie gives you 10 ideas for posts to help you get started.  These will also help with mental blocks when you can’t decide what to write about.

My favorite thing about this e-book is that Sadie includes links to posts that she has written on her blog  These articles provide a wealth of information about blogging.

Click here to visit Sadie Lankford and get this e-book!

The Brain of a Blogger – Infographic

This infographic was featured on yesterday and I thought I would share it with you. Infolinks created this fun infographic to reveal what really goes on inside the mind of a blogger. I love that this deals with all the issues that I have come across in a humorous way. Enjoy!

February Follow Frenzy!

Follow Frenzy Monthly Blog Cash Giveaway Event

Welcome to Follow Frenzy!

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Follow Frenzy is a fun monthly giveaway where a group of bloggers get together, pool our money, and offer our amazing readers the chance at a cash prize via Paypal or an Amazon gift code. It’s our way of saying thank you and a great way to introduce you to other blogs you may not have known about!  This month’s giveaway will be open 12:01am est February 24, 2012, through 11:59pm est February 26, 2012. There are three different giveaways: Twitter, Facebook and Google +.  You can enter one, two or all three!  The giveaway is open WW; 18+ Prizes: (Paypal cash OR Amazon GC)  Yes, you could win all 3! Only the host is ineligible to enter. Participating bloggers may enter, but cannot claim their own entries (even if you DO follow yourself!).

How to enter

It’s easy to enter the Follow Frenzy giveaways!

  1. Enter the Follow Frenzy here by using the Rafflecopter forms below.
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Interested in joining in next month’s giveaway? Keep an eye out for the sign up announcement on around the beginning of each month!


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{WordPress} Best Permalink Structure for SEO

I have seen all different kinds of permalink structures, but which one is the best for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes? The default Permalink structure in WordPress is:

Where p=123 is numerical value that stands for the post number. I have also seen quite a few blogs use this structure:

This structure utilize the name of the post with the year and the month proceeding the post. However, the best permalink structure to use for your blog is a customized structure which utilizes the category name and post name. The reason that this structure is better is that it allows more keywords to be loaded into the URL of your post. For example, I write a post entitled “The Best Chicken Divan Recipe.” I choose the category food. When my post is published the URL will read:

Notice that my URL includes the keywords chicken and recipe and also the word food. While in the past, WordPress warned that this type of structure could cause performance issues, these issues have been resolved with WordPress 3.3 and above.

Of course, if your blog has been established for a while (over 6 months or with many backlinks), it is NOT recommended that you change your existing permalink structure. This is due to the face that there are probably other sites linking to you which drive traffic to your site. Changing your permalink structure can break those inbound links.