Blog Oh! Blog Review and Contest

If you haven’t discovered Blog Oh! Blog yet you might want to give this blog a good read.  Not only did I find a slew of interesting and informative posts, but there is also a contest to give a way a PS3 console and your choice of one game!

On to what I like about Blog Oh! Blog.  First the format is very clean and readable.  I don’t stick around long on a blog if I can’t figure out how to read the posts.  Second, the posts are informative without being overly long.  I really enjoy blogs that give me lots of information in a short amount of space.  Take for instance the post about a new plugin that I will definitely have to try.  The post about Plugin Central tells me succinctly about the plugin and its features without giving an overly wordy post that leaves me bored.

What I also love about Blog Oh! Blog is the plethora of wordpress themes that I can find right on the site.  You can find both free wordpress themes and premium wordpress themes with a click of the mouse.

If you want to chat with Jai, the owner of Blog Oh! Blog he has added a nice chat window at the top of his blog.  It even lets you know when if he is online or offline.  All in all, Blog Oh! Blog is a great place to visit and add to your feed reader!

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