Brilliant Contest from John Cow!

John Cow is having another contest and this time it is a BIG ONE!  This contest is sponsored by StoreStacker.  StoreStacker is a new niche-based affiliate store where you can promote products from Ebay, Amazon, Shareasale, Overstock and even ClickBank (plus many more).

Here are some of the items you can win:

XBox 360

StoreStacker Full with all plugins

iPod Touch or iPod 3G

Bose Companion 3 Speakers

Bose Earphones

iPod Shuffle

Plus, lots, lots more!

It is easy to enter, so head on over the the contest page and get yourself some tickets!


  1. This really is quite a phenomenal contest for John Cow’s readers. I’m really looking forward to the wrap up of it to see who wins, and how they use these great prizes to make some money.

  2. ctually I have seen this contest along the way and it is wonderful cash! But I have been planning tojoin actually. I hope i dont grt too busy until it ends…

  3. this is panning out to be quite a nice contest hopefully one of us win.

  4. wow
    prizes look pretty good.
    I think Im going to take my shot

  5. yes, I absolutely agree with you, I am working on it too, check out my site to learn more, thanks

  6. nice contest

  7. Hi, I have subscribed to your RSS feeds, would you mind Subscribing to my RSS feeds too @ Thanks!

  8. Thanks for sharing this opp. But unfortunately its already closed… :(

  9. Wish I hadn’t missed this contest, there were some great prizes.

  10. good article, tnx

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