The StumbleUpon Graveyard

I have been working my way through Caroline Middlebrook’s StumbleUpon course (unfortunately her course is no longer available) and have found it very useful. However, before I knew too much about StumbleUpon, I made a very grave mistake and now one of my blogs is in the StumbleUpon Graveyard.

If you have downloaded the StumbleUpon toolbar, you will find a very convenient thumbs up (or thumbs down) button. Click on this button and another window opens up for you to submit the website if it is not already submitted. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT click on CANCEL! This will send the post to the StumbleUpon graveyard and it will receive zero traffic, even if another stumbler finds the post and gives it a thumbs up!

How to you avoid getting into a page in the StumbleUpon graveyard? First, if you hit the thumbs up, always follow through and write the review. Second, make sure you are using the latest toolbar. Third, you might want to consider asking others to Stumble by putting a StumbleUpon symbol on the post. If they don’t know what they are doing, the page could end up in the graveyard.

StumbleUpon can give your blog or website lots of traffic, just be careful when using this great tool!


  1. Oh crap! I hope I haven’t done this…


  2. thanks for this info. maybe this is the reason why i am receiving lesser and lesser traffic from SU. i use to get around 300 from them, now its close to zilch (down to less than 10… booohooo).

  3. Interesting, I actually was listening to her interview with Yaro Starak about her new book “The Bloggers’ Bible” trying to decide if it’s worth buying or not. Is her information solid??

  4. The graveyard will get you….boo!!
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