I have just installed the Entrecard widget into my sidebar. Entrecard is a very cool program that allows you to make a “business” card that you can drop onto other blogs that are also running the Entrecard widget.

If you want to advertise on a specific blog, you can for free.  How do you “pay” for this free advertising?  It is done by Entrecard credits.  You earn Entrecard credits every time you visit a blog and drop your card.  All you do is click on the “Drop Yours” at the bottom of the Entrecard widget on a blog.  This does not make the card visible, it just tells the blog owner that you visited their blog.

If you want to make the card visible, you can advertise with all the credits you earned by visiting blogs in the first place.  You earn 1 credit each time you drop your card and 1 credit each time you drop your card on other’s blogs.  You also earn credits each time you advertise.

Entrecard is a cool way to get your blog noticed for free.  Try it.  I think you will like it.

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