Choosing Good Keywords – Part Three

Now that you have a list of keywords for your site (see Part One and Part Two in this series), it is time to put those keywords to good use. You should put together a list of keywords that describe your site and you should also think about keywords when you write an individual post.

Back in the day, bloggers and website coders found that using the meta keyword tag was an easy way to let search engines now what your blog or website was about. Not so anymore. There are very few search engines that rely on the meta keyword tag. Too many devious webmasters found that stuffing their meta keyword tags with every available keyword would be beneficial. However, it was soon discovered that the keywords being used did not even slightly relate to their website.

Search engines now rely much more heavily on keyword density. There are two tools that I use to check keyword density. The first one is Word Counter. Word Counter allows you to copy and paste text into a box and will show you the frequency of words used in your post. I copied my first post in this series and found that “keyword” is the most frequently used word with 14. The next word is “post” with 7. This counter will give you some idea if you are overusing any words or if you need to beef up the count of your chosen keywords.

The second tool I use is Keyword Frequency Counter. This tools allows you to type in the address of your post or webpage. I again used the first post in this series and found that keywords is used 15 times and the frequency is 4.17% compared to the entire post. Frequency is ideal when kept between 3 and 10%. Anything higher might flag your post as “spammy.”

I also used this tool to check the entire blog. I typed and here are the results:

Keyword Count

I guess I use your and that a lot. Some of the keywords are good. Other keywords that I would have liked to appear don’t make a showing so I need to work on that a bit.

This is a good exercise for your blog and your posts. Before you commit to a post, try Word Counter to see if you are getting the frequency of keywords that you are hoping for. Periodically check your entire blog. Do your chosen keywords show up on the list? If not, try writing an article that utilize those keywords.


  1. Great post. I’m planning on writing a big article about keywords and searches.

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    I’m not accepting anymore ads, but I plan on letting the currently running ad finish before I remove the widget.

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  2. Found it really useful. Keep the good tips coming.

    I didn’t really care much about the keyword density since I disregard it amidst the detail, but I think I should now.


  3. Thats a real nice guide for choosing keywords for your blogs

    Keywords can make a big difference, a good keyword can bring lots of traffic quickly

  4. Very useful post …..And the thanks for the link of the keyword frequency counter website’s…really useful tool and try to use that when I publish any further post..

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