Direct Ad Selling

Some of the best money to be made on a website or blog is direct ad selling. I have a work at home site and 99% of the revenue from that site is made on direct ads. I make very little from affiliate programs or Adsense.

The problem is trying to manage those ads. Well, here is a solution – OIOPublisher. This is a great wordpress plugin that lets you get rid of the middleman. It has the ability to not only sell text links, but reviews as well.

You can even win a free copy of this direct ad selling product. Of course, if you don’t win, the product is a steal at only $37!

Blogging for Dollars – 2007 in Review

I have not yet tried any advertising for this blog. But, I do have four other blogs that I have monetized. Below are the results of my efforts for 2007. As you can see, I did much better at some programs than others.

Text Link Ads: $640.91
PayPerPost: $969.42
LoudLaunch: $30.00
SponsoredReviews: $197.60
PayU2Blog: $1,860.65
V7: $167.58
Blogvertise: $10
Dewitts Media: $28.82
Others: $202.43

Grand Total: $4,135.63

In 2008 look for reviews of these programs and others that I have tried.