Blog Oh! Blog Review and Contest

If you haven’t discovered Blog Oh! Blog yet you might want to give this blog a good read.  Not only did I find a slew of interesting and informative posts, but there is also a contest to give a way a PS3 console and your choice of one game!

On to what I like about Blog Oh! Blog.  First the format is very clean and readable.  I don’t stick around long on a blog if I can’t figure out how to read the posts.  Second, the posts are informative without being overly long.  I really enjoy blogs that give me lots of information in a short amount of space.  Take for instance the post about a new plugin that I will definitely have to try.  The post about Plugin Central tells me succinctly about the plugin and its features without giving an overly wordy post that leaves me bored.

What I also love about Blog Oh! Blog is the plethora of wordpress themes that I can find right on the site.  You can find both free wordpress themes and premium wordpress themes with a click of the mouse.

If you want to chat with Jai, the owner of Blog Oh! Blog he has added a nice chat window at the top of his blog.  It even lets you know when if he is online or offline.  All in all, Blog Oh! Blog is a great place to visit and add to your feed reader!

Week in Review (1/25/08) – Favorite Blog Posts

I think I spent less time reading blog posts this week, than last week, but I did find some really useful articles:

Finding Opportunity in a Crisis – very good analysis of the Google PR fiasco and how you can still make money with zero page rank.

Pulling Together the Google Penalty Threads – another post about Google PR. summarizes all articles written on the site about the subject.

How to Create a WordPress Theme – Part 1 –  following up on four articles written about modify a WordPress Theme, CK Marketing does a great job with this post!

How to Write a Scannable Content – A 6-Step Approach – good reminder on how to break up your posts so they are easier to read by your audience.

Double Chuck – I love the TV show Chuck too!

That’s all for this week.  Check out my poll and let me know how many blogs are in your feed reader!

Affiliate Lounge Teaches You About Making Money

Affiliate Lounge is a blog written by Phillip van Coller.  Philip uses his media marketing experience to help others learn how to make money with affiliate programs.

Affiliate Lounge

Recently, Philip wrote an article about SEO vs. PPC.  Pay Per Click (PPC) is advertising that you do utilizing Google Adwords or others.  You pay for the advertising and hope that you will get a lot of click to your blog or website.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something you do to your blog or website to help increase your ranking in searches.  The full article is well worth the read!

Week in Review – Favorite Blog Posts

I have 63 feeds in my Google Feed Reader and I just keep adding more! I thought I would share with you each week those posts that I thought were the most informative, interesting or fun.

13 Ways to Get Your Entrecard Going Faster – Entrecard is the hottest thing right now and these great tips will put you ahead of the game!

Deep Linking Comments – Something I had never thought about.  Instead of leaving a comment with the URL to your homepage, leave the URL to your latest post.

3 Must Apply Security Tips for Wordpress – Great advice to keep WordPress secure.

10 Remarkable (and Free) WordPress Themes –  I am always on the lookout for a good theme and here is 10 of them!

The “One Heck Of A Giveaway” Contest – Lots of prizes.  Check it out!

Write More, Publish Less

I was reading all the posts in my Google Reader today (there were over 350 of them) and I found one that caught my eye.  Daily Blog Tips posted an article “10 Simple Productivity Tips for Bloggers.”  All of the tips are really good, so I encourage you to read them, but the one that caught my eye was the first one: Write more than you publish.

There are some days that I have nothing to say.  Nothing.  It really takes all my effort to go to the computer and write a few posts.  Other days, I have all these ideas running around in my head.  When those ideas are available, I start a post.  I don’t publish it, but I save it for later.  When I have time, I finish the post and publish it.  Sometimes, I delete the post cuz it really wasn’t a good idea after all.

Here is my tip:  When you have an idea, start a post.  Even if it is just the title.  This will help you when you have those dry spells!