More and More Prizes

Another blog, Etienne, is offering a contest with lots of prizes!  Subscribing to her blog by email will get you one entry and blogging about it will get you another entry.  Here is what you could win: 

  1. 1 x Premium Theme License – Adii WordPress Rockstar
  2. 1 x Single User Revolution Theme License – Brian Gardner
  3. 1 x Premium Theme License – WordPressThemeMarket
  4. $399/year Free lifelong membership with ABC – AmericasBestCompanies
  5. $250 Cash from PepperJamNetwork – PepperJamNetwork (Signup as affiliate To win)
  6. $200 advertising on Bidvertiser – Bidvertiser (Signup as an advertiser to win)
  7. 100 x One Buck Wiki ($2000 value)- One Buck Wiki
  8. 1 Year Subscription to our new Speedy Plan – Top Hosting Center
  9. 1 Year Shared Hosting Plan – TVG Hosting
  10. $100 worth of Flash Components – FlashLoaded
  11. 1 x License of FruitfulTime TaskManager – Fruitfultime
  12. 2 x Atomic Blogging Package – Alvin Phang Atomic Blogging
  13. 1 x Pack of 80 photoshop brushes – Justcreativedesign
  14. 5 x Banner Design – Datmoney
  15. 5 x DIY Ebook – Eggmarketingpr
  16. 5 x The Eating Cereal with a Fork Ebook – Eggmarketingpr
  17. 1 x Internet Marketing Package Ebooks – BooksWealth
  18. 1 x Domain Name(.com,.net,.biz,.org) – YoungMillionaire
  19. 1000 Entrecard credits – DatMoney
  20. 1000 Entrecard credits – Shamoneymaker
  21. 1000 Entrecard credits – Toasteggme
  22. 1000 Entrecard credits – Infodoorway
  23. 1000 Entrecard credits – Etienne Teo
  24. 1000 Entrecard credits – Yimto
  25. $100 cash via Paypal – Ryan Shamus
  26. $50 cash via Paypal – YeePage
  27. $50 cash via Paypal – Shamoneymaker
  28. 1 x Blog Review – Michael
  29. 1 x Blog Review – Infodoorway
  30. 1 x Blog Review – Charles Lau
  31. 1 x Seo Review – Darin
  32. 1 x Video Review – Charles Lau
  33. 1 x Blog Consultation – Charles Lau
  34. One Month text link ad – Michael
  35. One Month text link ad – AdesBlog
  36. 3 x One Month 125×125 Banner – Kiwipulse
  37. 1 x Two Months 153 x 124 Banner – Crenk
  38. 1 x Two Months 125×125 Banner – Tyler Cruz
  39. One Month 125×125 Banner – Superbloggingtips
  40. One Month 125×125 Banner – Etienne Teo
  41. One Month 125×125 Banner – Infodoorway
  42. One Month 125×125 Banner – ScriptDebate
  43. One Month 125×125 Banner – Jim Karter
  44. One Month 125×125 Banner – Darin
  45. 5 x Money Reign T-shirt – Zac Johnson Super Affiliate (Got to be US Resident)

Win a Video Ipod plus $11,000 in Other Prizes

General Marketing Blog is having a contest. There are various ways to enter and you could win some very cool prizes including a video iPod. The contest ends on March 31st, so get over there now! Here is a list of all the prizes that you could win:

General Marketing Blog
1 x Video Ipod
Revolution Theme
1500 Entrecard Credits
3 x 125×125 banner ads
3 x 468×60 banner ads

The www Blog
1 x Featured submission @
1 x Regular submission @

Mr Javo Dot Com
1 x Text Link for 1 month

2 Yrs subscription to Gostats Pro

Internet Marketing Blog
1 x 125×125 banner ad for 1 month

Pro Blogging
1 x 125×125 banner ad for 1 month
1 x 250×250 banner ad for 1 month

Work At Home
100 Entrecard credits

Make Money Online
2000 hits from
1 x 125×125 banner ad on

Making Money From Gaming
500 Entrecard credits

Oxidize Your Blog
3 x Featured submissions @
5 x Regular submissions @

The Profit Hustler
1 x 125×125 banner ad for 1 month

One Buck Wiki
500 Wiki pages valued at $20 each

500 Entrecard credits

Blog Money Wiki
DVD of chromatic harmonica videos

Money Making Student
750 Entrecard credits
1 x 125×125 banner ad for 1 month

Toast & Egg & Me
1000 Entrecard Credits

One Stop Shopping
500 Entrecard credits

DiggItLive dot COM
500 Entrecard credits

EYE EARN Marketing
200 Entrecard credits

Rumbling Lankan
Pr3 Blog Review

Million Dollar Portfolio
$25 Visa gift card

Wayne Liew Dot Com
700 Entrecard credits

My Blog Contest
1000 Entrecard credits
1 x 468×60 banner ad for 1 month
1 x 125×125 banner ad for 1 month

1 Million in 365 Days
500 Entrecard credtis

My PPC Advertising
200 Entrecard credits
5 x Txt links for 1 month

Making Myself Extra Money
500 Entrecard credits

Ez Money Online
500 Entrecard Credits

500 Entrecard credits

1 x Txt link for 1 month

Scribble & Words
1 x 125×125 banner ad for 1 month
500 Entrecard credits

The Craziest Internet Marketing Contest You’ve Ever Seen!

I am so far behind on posting, but I thought I would quickly tell you about a contest I came across at  Gyutae Park has put together a package of prizes worth over $7,000!  There are so many prizes that I can’t mention them all, but the categories include cash, conference passes, SEO memberships, training, banner designs, web hosting, advertising and consulting.

It is really easy to enter, you just need to sign up for the Winning the Web mailing list and then earn points (see post for details).

Crash The SuperBowl Sweepstakes

Doritos and are sponsoring a contest – Crash the SuperBowl Sweepstakes. There are three finalists, all hoping that their song and performance will win them a chance for a record contract and a 60 second video to air during the SuperBowl. My favorite is Kina Grannis. One, because I like her entry and two, because she also did an awesome tribute to Digg! To vote you must log into your account first and then go to the contest page. By voting you also are entered to win some great prizes!

Here is Kina’s Digg song – awesome!

Entrecard Blogs – Saphrym

Now that I am using Entrecard quit a bit, I have come across some great blogs, so I thought I would share them with you. This first blog is  Saphrym is a father, husband and teacher who is also on a dieting quest. In fact, he has lost over 70 pounds so far!  His posts are well written and interesting.

I was really moved by his post about why he is dieting in the first place. His reasons include being there for his wife and daughter and being able to walk his daughter down the aisle. There are no better reasons, are there?

Saphrym is also hosting a contest on his blog and is giving away $250 and 1000 Entrecard credits.  The contest ends on February 27, 2008.