Poll Results – What would you change about Entrecard?

The results are in with the poll about Entrecard. The question asked was “What would you change about Entrecard?”


Mandy left the following comment: “I would like to see a way to search for other Entrecards. The bigger Entrecard gets, I keep loosing my place trying to find my favorites. Hey, there’s a thought a “Favorites” where you can add you favorite Entrecards? ”

There is a favorites function in Entrecard. Click on a blog under “Campaign” and then click on “Add to Favorites” on the right hand side. This works like a charm, however, I still would like to see a search since sometimes I remember the name of a blog, but just can’t seem to find it.

Entrecard Credits – I am the Devil!

I finally reached the ultimate Entrecard Credit level. Yes, I guess I am the devil!


New Poll About Entrecard

I have entered a new poll about Entrecard. How do you feel the system is working? What would you change.  Please vote!

Entrecard Results

It has been 12 days since I signed up for Entrecard. So far, I have found that it is a very useful site. I have placed six ads and I have 2 pending approval. Ads placed on my site total about eight with three left to run. I took a screenshot of the stats for my site:

Notice that the number of cards dropped on me is 138. This is a little misleading as it does not transfer into number of unique visitors. I have had some cards dropped more than one time.

If you are using Entrecard, here are some tips to consider:

  • Drop cards on those that drop cards on you.
  • Review blogs and this may turn into a review for you as well.
  • Every day check out the newest blogs. These have the cheapest advertising rates. Advertising rates increase as you drop cards and have cards dropped on you.
  • Place your Entrecard code in a visual place on your blog (before someone has to scroll down). You won’t get card drops if no one sees it.
  • Design a cool blog button, it looks more professional. Here’s mine:

When you advertise, remember each advertisement only appears for one day. Make sure you keep your queue full and your blog will get more traffic.

Entrecard Contest

If you would like Entrecard Credits to use as advertising, the coolest redneck girlie geek is having a contest over at Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind.   First prize will win 1000 EntreCard Credits!  These are great to have if you would like to advertise your blog on other blogs.

I would love to have these credits since this blog is relatively new.  I need to get this blog out there and let people know about the cool articles I post!