Google Subscribed Links

I just found out the coolest thing and I couldn’t wait to blog about it! You see I am taking part in the Thirty Day Challenge by Ed Dale and the latest pre-season lesson has to do with Google Subscribed Links. Now, I don’t confess to be a guru on all things internet, so I hadn’t heard of this before. Basically, you build a list of links relevant to your product, blog or website. Next, put a button on your site for subscribers and your subscribers will be shown your favorite links when they perform Google Searches.

By clicking on the button below, you will subscribe to my searches. Whenever you perform a search it will show you my favorite sites as well.

Just click on the button above and then click on subscribe.  To test, open Google and type “blogging tips” (without the quotes) in the search bar.  About four items down, you will see a cool icon and my blog!  How cool its that!  Start building your own subscribed links and let your readers know what your favorite sites are!

Bad Neighborhood

With all the decrease in bloggers’ page rank, you might be wondering why?  Here is a tool that could help you determine the cause – Bad Neighborhood – Tools for the Uncommon Webmaster.  The have a text link checker tool that will determine if links on your blog my cause problems.

Each link is checked and three areas are checked.  First, the checker determines if the link is Blog Spam.  If the link directs to a page where a lot of the incoming links are from blogs, the Blog Spam icon will occur.   Some commercial website tend to increase their page rank by blog comment spamming, so be sure to check the comments on the post.

The check then determines the Link Density.  A page that has more than 100 links is sometimes considered a link farm or it could be a blog with a lot of comment spam.

The last item is if the link passes the “family friendly” test or if the page is not found.  Links to online gambling, adult entertainment, etc. will get flagged and will pages with redirects or the link is no longer valid.

I ran this tool on one of my blogs and found a number of links where the page did not exist anymore.  I will try and clean these up.  Some of the links were paid posts and thus not changeable.  However, even correcting a few items could bode well the next time Google does a Page Rank revision.